Call for proposals on French neutron scattering instruments

Date: 26/09/2016



The next deadline for beam time request on French neutron scattering instruments will be November 1st. Beam time will be allocated beginning of next year (January /June). Within this call, you may ask beam time on the LLB instruments installed at the Orphée reactor in Saclay, and also on 4 French CRG at the ILL (D1B, D23, IN12 and IN22).
You will find all the necessary information’s on this call on our Web page:

Direct access to the proposal form to be sent to proposals- by November 1st.

Fall news:

  • The new “Fédération de Recherche” of the French neutrons scattering instruments will be presented to the Comité National this fall.
  • In Saclay, Orphée will operate only 120 days per year till end of 2019 and only 15 instruments will be fully available to users
  • If you would like to do small angle scattering think to the possibility of using TPA to extend your Q range towards low Q.
  • If we still accept proposal in French, we encourage users to submit in English and use the new proposal form
  • The new chopper of the Hermes reflectometer has been received and installed.

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