Institute of Nuclear Analytical Techniques - Laboratory of Nuclear Analytical Methods

Laboratory of Nuclear Analytical Methods is a part of Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw, Poland. The areas of activity of the Laboratory include inorganic trace analysis as well as analytical and radiochemical separation methods. The main analytical techniques employed in the Laboratory comprise: neutron activation analysis with the use of a nuclear reactor (instrumental and radiochemical modes), inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (together with laser ablation), atomic absorption, HPLC including ion chromatography and gamma-ray spectrometry as well as alpha- and beta-ray counting. The research programme of the Laboratory has been focused on the development of nuclear and nuclear-related analytical methods for the application in a nuclear chemical engineering, radiobiological and environmental problems associated with the use of nuclear power as well as other specific fields of high technology.
The Laboratory specializes in neutron activation analysis with the use of a nuclear reactor (both instrumental and radiochemical modes). As the Laboratory is located approx. 35 km from nuclear reactor, it develops the methods for the determination of elements forming medium- and long –lived radioisotopes. The Laboratory specializes in the development of RNAA ratio primary reference measurement procedures (RPRMP) for the determination of trace elements in biological materials. The procedures are devised according to a set of rules. They are based on combination of neutron activation with selective and quantitative post-irradiation separation of the analyte in a state of high radiochemical purity by use of column chromatography followed by gamma-ray spectrometric measurements. The procedures are used in the certification of reference materials for inorganic trace analysis.

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