11. May 2013 - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Director of the Australian Synchrotron
Advertisement for Director of the Australian Synchrotron
11. May 2013 - Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Director of the Australian Synchrotron
Advertisement for Director of the Australian Synchrotron
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

We are seeking an internationally renowned scientific leader with vision, accomplishment and leadership, along with demonstrated management skills, to assume responsibility for all aspects of the Australian Synchrotron. The Director, will define and articulate strategic planning, with a view to achieving its own distinctive identity within the Australasian and broader international landscape, oversee and manage the experimental operation, user-service and research functions of Australian Synchrotron. This position reports to the CEO of ANSTO and the Australian Synchrotron’s Board of Directors.

Description of Institution

As the largest stand-alone piece of scientific infrastructure in the Southern Hemisphere, the Australian Synchrotron is a modern 3rd-Generation Light Source, with a strong and committed user community throughout Australia and New Zealand. Scientific research and innovation at the Australian Synchrotron spans a huge diversity of activities from medical and life sciences to advanced materials and engineering, and from earth and environmental sciences to accelerator science and synchrotron research methods.
On January 1st 2013, the Australian Synchrotron became a wholly owned subsidiary of ANSTO. The close collaboration between our organisations is long-standing and we look forward to a prosperous relationship that will benefit all Australians through the continued output of world-leading scientific research.

Job description

Duties and responsibilities:

Deliver innovative, state-of-the-art science and technology and outstanding user operations within a safe, effective, efficient and respectful work environment;

Develop his/her own science program utilising the Australian Synchrotron’s resources;

Formulate and manage annual and long-term plans and budgets;
Collaborate with other Executives within ANSTO Group, as well as the existing and potential future Funding Partners to realise the full potential of the Australian Synchrotron;

Defining and articulating the strategic direction of the Australian Synchrotron, including major upgrades and long-range strategic planning.

Requested Profile

We are looking for a world-class scientific manager with the vision, insight and leadership to realise the potential of the Australian Synchrotron and deliver excellence in operational functionality and research capability on an international stage. To be considered, you must have a proven track record of scientific, strategic and operational management of a scientific organisation or program. Experience in the operation of a government-funded scientific facility would be ideal. The successful candidate will have a distinguished research career with a record of achievement appropriate to a top-tier University tenured faculty appointment.


Robert A. Robinson


Robert A. Robinson
Head of the Bragg Institute, B87
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
Locked Bag 2001
Kirrawee DC
NSW 2232

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