20. January 2016 - ISIS Neutron Spallation Source
Instrument Scientist for PolRef Beamline
Instrument Scientist for PolRef Beamline Oxfordshire, UK
20. January 2016 - ISIS Neutron Spallation Source
Instrument Scientist for PolRef Beamline
Instrument Scientist for PolRef Beamline Oxfordshire, UK
ISIS Neutron Spallation Source

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Job description

polarised neutron reflectometer at the ISIS Neutron Spallation Source, Oxfordshire in the United Kingdom. The position represents an excellent opportunity to develop both collaborative and personal scientific research programmes exploiting the capabilities of neutron reflectometry in the areas of hard/soft condensed matter or the life sciences. In addition to assisting with the development and running of PolRef the successful candidate will be expected to take a lead in the advancement sample environment equipment, data reduction and analysis tools for neutron reflection.

PolRef is a high throughput polarized neutron reflectometer designed for the study of a broad range of materials science but with a predominant focus on thin film magnetism, superconductivity and hard condensed matter, but is also developing a magnetic contrast measurement community for soft matter experiments. It was constructed as part of the first phase of instrumentation on the ISIS Second Target station and has been operating since 2009. The instrument has a wide ranging science program and serves a large community of both UK and international users.

PolRef is a world class instrument which delivers a high flux, broad simultaneous wavelength band (0.5-14.5Å unpolarised 1.5-14.5 polarised) The instrument can operate with either a vertical or horizontal scattering geometry and routinely performs measurements using samples with areas <1cm2. A continuous program of upgrades aims to deliver additional significant performance increases that will further decrease samples size or measurement times.

This position is within the Large Scale Structures Group, which provides neutron scattering facilities and expertise for the study of surface and interfacial phenomena across a diverse range of research areas such as polymers, colloids, biological systems and magnetic/superconducting thin films. The Group currently supports 8 neutron instruments (small angle neutron scattering and reflectometry) and is designing and constructing 1 further instrument for the second Target Station Project

Requested Profile

Ph.D. in experimental hard/soft condensed matter or a related science (or imminent awarding of). Preference will be given to candidates with a background in neutron reflection or related scattering techniques with scientific programming skills. Experience of instrumentation development and polarised neutron reflection will be an asset.

This is a full time position and represents an excellent opportunity to develop expertise and knowledge through interaction with leading scientists from around the world. A personal science program related to the science carried out within the large scale structures community is strongly encouraged.


Dr john Webster, Dr Robert Dalgliesh and Dr Christy Kinane

How to Apply

Go to http://www.topcareer.jobs/Vacancy/irc216557_6197.aspx.

Online applications only, please submit a covering letter and CV, ensuring that the IRC reference is included in the file name description of each document uploaded. No Agencies.

The closing date for applications is 14th February 2016The interview/assessment date for this vacancy is TBC and will be held at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot, OX11 0QX.

14. February 2016
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