16. February 2016 - Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)
Postdoc Battery Technology: Advanced Characterization
Postdoctoral Fellow in Battery Technology - IFE
16. February 2016 - Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)
Postdoc Battery Technology: Advanced Characterization
Postdoctoral Fellow in Battery Technology - IFE
Institute for Energy Technology (IFE)

Kjeller, Norway


The work will take place in collaboration between the Physics Department, the Energy Storage Group within the Energy Systems Department and the Silicon Production Group at the Solar Energy Department. The candidate will work in a dynamic environment with highly skilled colleagues within many research topics and will play a central role in bringing the competence together to create better technology for Li-ion batteries. The challenge is to understand how silicon behaves as an anode material in Li-ion batteries. IFE has over the last five years put substantial effort on the development of silicon as a replacement for graphite in the anode of Li-ion batteries. Silicon has a much higher charge capacity than graphite, but there are great challenges connected to the practical use because of the large expansion on Li-ion uptake and subsequent degradation of the nanostructure. IFE aims to solve some of these challenges using new and industrially relevant silicon production methods in combination with in-depth understanding of how the silicon material acts in the battery.

The position is a postdoc of 2.5 years connected to the project “Silicon product control for better Li-ion batteries”, a new research project financed by the Research Council of Norway. The project aims to produce nanostructured silicon material, and understand how the material acts on the micro- and nanoscales during charging and discharging of the Li-ion battery. The project will make use of advanced material characterization methods based on x-ray and neutron scattering. Experiments, including particle synthesis, electrochemical testing and characterization will be done in IFE’s designated laboratories at Kjeller. Advanced characterization of particles and battery components will be performed both at IFE’s own neutron scattering facility (the Jeep II reactor) and at international neutron sources and/or synchrotrons.

Description of Institution

IFE is an independent research foundation based in Norway at Kjeller and in Halden. We are in the forefront internationally in several fields within renewable energy, petroleum, nuclear technology and nuclear medicine. IFE develops new solutions for the industry and public sector in over 30 countries. IFE is host to the international OECD Halden Project. We are about 600 employees and the annual turnover is about NOK 1 billion. Read more about IFE at www.ife.no/en

Job description
  • Participation in the production of silicon nanoparticles and characterization of the produced material
  • Participation in the preparation and testing of silicon-based Li-ion battery electrodes
  • Analysis of electrochemical test results and finding the relation to the results about changes in microstructure
  • Characterization of slurry and electrodes
  • Development of new methods to characterize the silicon-based anode in-situ during charging and discharging of the battery.
  • Use of advanced experimental techniques based on x-ray and neutron scattering
  • Presentation of research in professional fora, conferences and peer-reviewed journals
Requested Profile

PhD in physics, chemistry or material technology.
Experience with experimental work within several of these areas: Li-ion batteries, Use of large experimental facilities (synchrotrons and neutron sources), Electrochemistry, Nanoparticles, Production and use of silicon, Material technology

Personal qualities
Self-driven and solution oriented, Systematic and organized, Good communication skills and willingness to share and collaborate.


Trygve T. Mongstad / Kenneth D. Knudsen

How to Apply

Go to: http://www.ife.no/en/rekruttering-en
Online applications only

07. March 2016
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