23. January 2017 - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Accelerator Physicist / NB50612458
ORNL: Postdoctoral Research Associate - Accelerator Physicist / NB50612458
23. January 2017 - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Postdoctoral Research Associate - Accelerator Physicist / NB50612458
ORNL: Postdoctoral Research Associate - Accelerator Physicist / NB50612458
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

Oak Ridge, USA

Description of Institution

The Neutron Sciences Directorate (NScD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) operates the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR), the United States’ highest flux reactor based neutron source, and the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS), the world’s most intense pulsed accelerator based neutron source. Together these facilities operate 30 instruments for neutron scattering research, each year carrying out in excess of 1,000 experiments in the physical, chemical, materials, biological and medical sciences for more than 3,000 visiting scientists. HFIR also provides unique facilities for isotope production and neutron irradiation. To learn more about Neutron Sciences at ORNL go to: http://neutrons.ornl.gov. The Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate (CCSD) in ORNL is home to some of the world’s most advanced supercomputing infrastructures (For more: https://www.olcf.ornl.gov).

Job description

Maintain and develop the intellectual understanding of the SNS accelerator beam, needed to sustain stable beam operations and to increase beam power while minimizing beam loss. Utilize the SNS accelerator to further the understanding of high intensity beam physics, e.g. conceive and pursue beam-based experiments. Specific areas of research include (but are not limited to) beam dynamics in the normal and the superconducting parts of the SNS linac. Includes tasks such as develop and implement beam loss reduction algorithms and high level control applications for beam tuning, and develop of software models to simulate and understand beam effects. Additionally, partipipate in injection stripper foil R&D, including beam-based transmission experiments, high power testing of stripper foils, and guidance for design modifications. Interface with other accelerator physics team members, with the Beam Instrumentation Team, with the Foil Development team, and
with the Controls and Operations Groups.

Major Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Develops a line of inquiry to understand or improve an aspect of the SNS accelerator beam.
  • Develops beam study plans, and participates in shifts to pursue the general lines of inquiry.
  • Develops beam simulation models or tools to help understand high intensity beam physics.
  • Helps diagnose and remedy machine issues and beam dynamics issues that are not understood.
  • Participates in scientific conferences, workshops, meetings and publishes results in the form of SNS technical notes and
    memos, workshop and conference proceedings, and scientific journals.
  • Participates with other team members in developing goals, resource plans, and policies for the Team and the Group.
  • Assists team leader in coordinating the work of graduate students in the team.
  • Ensures compliance with environment, safety, health, and quality program requirements including ISMS.
  • Maintains a strong commitment to the implementation and perpetuation of values and ethics.

Work Directions and Interfaces:
Reports to the SNS Accelerator Physics Team leader, works with physicists, engineers, and students.
Authority/Approval Levels:
Provides work direction to engineers, and students within guidelines established by the Accelerator Physics Team.

Measures of Effectiveness:

  • Successfully performs assigned work towards achieving optimal performance of SNS accelerator systems.
  • Successfully helps to create an environment in which individuals within the team can meet SNS/ORNL environmental, safety, health and quality requirements; and successful enforcement of these requirements.
  • Successfully reports and represents responsible activities to SNS management, review committees and professional organizations.
  • Successfully provides team leader of the AP Group with help, guidance and information towards establishing team policy and allocation of team resources.
  • Successfully publishes research results of the team in forms of journal publications, conference publications, Laboratory reports, and project technical notes and memos.

Requested Profile

Qualifications Required:

  • PhD degree in accelerator physics or other related science.
  • Applicants must have received their PhD within five years of this application and must complete all degree requirements before starting their appointment.

Qualifications Desired:

  • A background in accelerator physics and experience working with an accelerator is desirable.
  • Experience working in a control room, conducting accelerator-based experiments, and performing accelerator simulations is also desirable.
  • Good mathematical and programming (Java + Python) skills are highly desirable.

How to Apply

Go to https://www.ornl.gov/careers .

This position will remain open for a minimum of 5 days after which it will close when a qualified candidate is identified and/or hired.

We accept Word(.doc, .docx), Excel(.xls, .xlsx), PowerPoint(.ppt, .pptx), Adobe(.pdf), Rich Text Format(.rtf), HTML and text files(.txt) up to 2MB in size. Resumes from third party vendors will not be accepted; these resumes will be deleted and the candidates submitted will not be considered for employment.

If you have trouble applying for a position, please email .

14. March 2017
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