29. January 2014 - European Spallation Source (ESS)
Group Leader Fluid Systems
Group Leader Fluid Systems
29. January 2014 - European Spallation Source (ESS)
Group Leader Fluid Systems
Group Leader Fluid Systems
European Spallation Source (ESS)

Lund, Sweden


The Machine Directorate at the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden, invites applications for a Group Leader Fluid Systems.

Description of Institution

The ESS Target Division is part of the ESS Machine Directorate with responsibility to design, develop, procure, install, commission and test the systems needed to convert the energetic proton beam coming from the ESS accelerator to neutron beams that are utilized for experiments. The first step in this process is production of high energy neutrons through a spallation process involving the proton beam interaction with a tungsten target. The fast, high-energy neutrons that are released in the spallation process are slowed down to the energies that are suitable for different types of experiments at ESS, and then delivered to the instruments through beam ports. Key features of the target station are the target itself, the neutron moderator and reflector system, and the neutron beam-extraction system.
The Fluid Systems Group is the part of the Target Division organization responsible for cooling systems able to absorb the heat generated by the powerful 5 MW proton beam hitting the target, as well as processing various fluid steams and containment volume environments that confine radioactive isotopes generated by the spallation process. The Fluid Systems Group is directly aligned with the ESS project organization, giving the Group Leader responsibility for the Fluid Systems Work Package, one of eight work packages that form the Target Systems Project.

Job description

What ESS can offer
At ESS we offer people with talent and passion a unique opportunity to be involved in the development and building of a world leading facility for materials research. Besides attractive employment and relocation conditions, the flexibility to balance work life with private life and good opportunities to further enhance your skills; you will also enjoy being part of an organisational culture that promotes and supports internal career growth. We pride ourselves in having successful collaboration across different functions, and as the facility continues to grow we will keep nurturing the international and vibrant environment welcoming people from all across the world.

Duration & Location
The position is permanent with six months initial probationary period. Your work place will be situated in Lund, Sweden. The position is to be filled as soon as possible.

Description of main responsibilities
As the Group Leader of Fluid Systems, your main responsibilities are:

  • Leading the Fluid Systems Group with focus on policy and strategy implementation, activities and follow up
  • Managing day-to-day activities of this group including oversight of assigned staff, while leading the planning and implementation of the Fluid Systems work package
  • Providing direction and support to the Fluid Systems Group and work with other project team members to deliver the ESS Construction Project
  • Owning the Fluid Systems work package scope, cost, schedule, and deliverables as agreed with the Target Station Project Manager
  • Participating in risk management, configuration management, and systems engineering processes, and monitor, communicate, and report on progress according to the ESS Construction Project requirements
  • Ensuring all assigned staff have appropriate Roles, Responsibilities, Accountabilities and Authorities
Requested Profile

Technical competencies:

  • Bachelor in mechanical engineering (Master preferred) or an equivalent combination of education and experience in design and implementation of fluid systems
  • Extensive engineering design and management experience, preferably in the field of fluid process systems within nuclear facilities
  • Production of management reports and experience in project/resource management
  • Good ability within business negotiation
  • Experience of working in an international environment is essential
  • Excellent oral and written English skills are a prerequisite; knowledge of other European languages would be an advantage

To enjoy and perform in this position at ESS, you have the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently to establish good cooperation and communication with internal and external contacts. As a line manager and coordinator of the work it is crucial that you have excellent leadership skills and extensive expertise in people management. To allocate and distribute the work within your group, you are efficient in planning and organizing the work. You are focused on the outcomes, and always drive the work towards the result.

How to Apply

Application & Contact
Please provide your curriculum vitae and covering letter in English. Please note we only accept applications via the ESS website.

The recruitment process is ongoing and the position is open until filled. Therefore we recommend that applications be submitted as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed periodically.

For further information regarding the position, please contact Head of Target Division . For further information regarding the recruitment process, please contact HR Officer, .

31. January 2014
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