30. March 2014 - Ames Laboratory, UDSOE, Iowa State University
Associate Scientist
Associate Scientist
30. March 2014 - Ames Laboratory, UDSOE, Iowa State University
Associate Scientist
Associate Scientist
Ames Laboratory, UDSOE, Iowa State University

Iowa State University, Ames Iowa


The Division of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) of the Ames Laboratory is accepting applications for an Associate Scientist. This position will conceive, initiate, design, and conduct research for the structural characterization of soft matter.

Description of Institution

Ames Laboratory is a federally funded Department of Energy National Laboratory operated through a contractual agreement by Iowa State University.

Job description

The Associate Scientist will conduct X-ray and neutron diffraction and X-ray spectroscopy experiments at national facilities such as synchrotrons, research reactors and spallation neutron sources and will develop novel x-ray related techniques. The Associate Scientist will apply these techniques to investigate polymers, proteins, bio-membranes, organic thin films, and colloidal solutions etc. in support of one of FWP (field work proposal), “Bio-inspired Materials”, funded by the Department of Energy. Particular emphasis is to provide expertise in small angle X-ray and neutron scattering techniques (SAXS and SANS, respectively), X-ray reflectivity, grazing incidence X-ray small and wide- angle diffraction/scattering (GI-WAXD, GI-SAXS), X-ray near-total-reflection fluorescence, X-ray near edge spectroscopy (XANES), all applied to solid and liquid surfaces, nano- and meso-particles in solutions, and interfaces, in order to support the effort of the other members of the FWP. Additional duties of position also include maintenance, upgrade, and supervision of the operations of the state-of-the-art x-ray liquid surface diffractometer at Ames Laboratory.

Requested Profile

The successful candidate will possess the ability to:

  • design, perform, and supervise experiments
  • interpret results; present and defend research results at professional meetings and conferences
  • write manuscripts for publication with collaborating co-authors
  • write research proposals (as co-PI) for future funding of projects.

Considerable communication skills interacting with colleagues from interdisciplinary fields such as chemistry, biochemistry, and materials science is important to success in this position.

Required qualifications:

Master’s degree and 5 years of related experience OR Ph.D. and 2 years of related experience. Degree must be in a Physical Science (Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science), and related experience must include x-ray scattering techniques.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry or Materials Science).
  • Postdoctoral experience in synchrotron x-ray scattering and spectroscopic techniques.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of x-ray diffraction/scattering theory.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of interfacial science, polymers and thin films.
  • Experience in writing research proposals to national facilities.
  • Experience in planning and leading research in national research facilities.
  • Demonstrated experience with data analysis and structural modeling techniques.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of x-ray instrumental control hardware, software and coding.
  • Programming experience (e.g., C/C++, Python, Matlab, etc.). Record of related publications.

Lynnette Witt, Assistant Manager, Human Resources

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted on-line at www.iastatejobs.com
Vacancy #140248.

27. April 2014
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