KENS - Neutron Science Division


Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS)

IMSS is a research organization where researchers from both inside and outside Japan study the structure and functionality of materials using accelerators. Its mission is to maintain experimental equipment and detector systems and to provide them to researchers based on their research objectives. Synchrotron radiation, neutrons, muons and slow positrons are used to comprehensively investigate a wide range of materials from those at the atomic level to polymers and biomolecules.

Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility ( MLF )

MLF is part of IMSS. This research facility utilizes neutrons and muons generated by a high-intensity proton beam. IMSS has six neutron instruments and a muon spectrometer with the world's highest-intensity pulsed muon beam, which are provided for use by academia and the industry.

  • Location: Tsukuba, Japan

(Text retrieved from IMSS-KEK website)

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