TRIUMF is Canada's national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics. It is located on the University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver, British Columbia. At the heart of TRIUMF is the 500 MeV cyclotron that produces the primary proton beams. A large fraction of the TRIUMF program relies on these beams.

TRIUMF makes use of three separate locations to perform neutron irradiations. The TNF facility offers energies from Thermal to 400 MeV at high intensity while at BL1B and BL2C, protons can be converted into neutrons yielding 1/E energy spectra up to 500 and 120 MeV, respectively. Each year, companies from around the world test many different types of devices, ranging from avionics to ground-based electronic systems such as network and power-distribution servers, or even the latest cell-phone chips. Neutron flux is monitored with BF3 counters and dosimetry is regularly performed using activation foils of nickel, aluminum, carbon, and gold.

  • Location: Vancouver, Canada

(Text retrieved from TRIUMF website.)

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