Budapest Neutron Centre (BNC)

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Budapest Research Reactor (BRR) is one of the leading research infrastructures in Hungary and Central-Europe. Since 1993, BRR and its instruments have been operated by the ‘Budapest Neutron Centre’ (BNC) consortium of research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences-by their names and structures-the Centre for Energy Research and the Wigner Research Centre for Physics. The 10MW BRR provides a maximum thermal and fast neutron flux of 2.2×1014 n/cm2/s and 1×1014n/cm2/s, respectively. The reactor has eight radial and two tangential bean tubes. A cold neutron source provides long-wavelength neutrons to three guides hosting eight instruments. Altogether twelve instruments serve everyday user need in the reactor hall and in Guide Hall 1 and 2. At the time, two additional instruments are in advanced development phase. BNC is legally represented by the Centre for Energy Research.

  • Location: Budapest, Hungary
  • Proposal deadlines: May 15 & October 15
  • Reactor cycles: August-December and January-June.

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