Austrian Physical Society (OePG)


The aim of the Society is to promote and disseminate physical sciences in research, development and education, to foster the communication between the Austrian physicists in all fields and to represent them in society. The Society is a non-profit organization and does not strive after financial profit. A potential positive balance is exclusively used for the purpose of the Society. No member of the Society may lay claim to the Society's assets.

To serve the needs of the growing community of scientists using neutrons or synchrotron radiation in their research, the Austrian Physical Socity (ÖPG) in 1996 has created the section “Research with Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation” (NESY). It was decided from the beginning thst this section of the ÖPG should not be reserved to physicists alone but be open to all researchers using neutrons or synchrotron radiation as their main tool. Currently, NESY has about 85 members, many of them young researchers.

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