TRIGA, Reactor Infrastructure Centre (RIC)


Reactor Infrastructure Centre (RIC) is part of “Jožef Stefan” Institute (JSI). Main purpose of the centre is operation of TRIGA Mark II research reactor for the needs of JSI and other research groups.

Reactor TRIGA Mark II is designed for:

  • T raining in reactor operation and technology,
  • R esearch with neutrons and
  • I sotope production. It was built by
  • G eneral
  • A tomics, a well known US nuclear company.

The reactor has accumulated 35 years of continuous operation without any failure of major equipment or any event violating safety standards. It is planed that the reactor will operate at least until 2016.

RIC is in organizational sense an infrastructure centre established and financed by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology and managed by Jožef Stefan Institute, like several other centres responsible for operating and maintaining large research equipment (e.g. accelerators, etc).

RIC is, however, in regulatory sense, a nuclear installation operated by Jožef Stefan Institute. Its operation is regulated by several national and international nuclear laws, regulations and standards.

  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

(Retrieved from RIC website.)

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