LLB call for proposals: deadline October 1st

The next deadline for neutron beam time request to perform neutron scattering experiments at LLB-Orphee is October 1st.


Laboratoire Leon Brillouin

The next session of 2014's Selection Committees at the Laboratoire Leon Brillouin (LLB, CEA-Saclay, France) for neutron diffraction experiments to be performed end of 2014 will take place soon. The deadline for submission of proposals for beam time allocation on the spectrometers installed around the ORPHEE reactor is the 1st of October 2014.

You will find all the necessary information’s on this call on the LLB webpage.

Some news:

  • The new neutron radiography station Imagine and our new high resolution powder diffraction PHR-G44 are now open to users.
  • The Eros reflectometer is upgraded and transfer to a new beamport. It transforms into Hermes (Horizontal Enhanced Reflectometer for the Measurement of Surfaces)

NMI3 support

LLB is part of the NMI3 Access Programme. Users from eligible countries might be supported by reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs.

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