2nd International Symposium on Science at J-PARC (J-PARC 2014)

Unlocking the Mysteries of Lief, Matter and the Universe


JPARC 2014 JPARC 2014

The 2nd International Symposium of Science at J-PARC will be held in Tsukuba, Japan in July. The scientific program will start on July 13th for three days following the public lecture and the symposium “Ice Breaker” on 12th.

This symposium will cover a wide range of science programs at J-PARC. Themes of parallel sessions include

  1. “Accelerator Physics”;
  2. Particle and Nuclear Physics;
  3. Materials and Life Science;
  4. Nuclear Transmutation; and
  5. Safety & Advanced Technology for Intensity Frontier.

The symposium website (http://j-parc.jp/symposium/j-parc2014/) is now opening, and the registration and abstraction submission will be accepted from March 12.

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