Neutron scattering using marsh mallows

Date: 26/08/2016

Neutron scattering using marsh mallows

Using toothpicks and marsh mallows, the pupils made atom models. © C. Niiranen / FRM II, TUM

Physics can also taste very sweet – this is one of the things that the pupils from grade 3 of the elementary school Garching Ost learned during their visit at the Research Neutron Source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz. They made an atom model from toothpicks and marsh mallows and tried their abilities as neutron scatterers at a neutron ball toss.

The 19 school kids and their teacher Else Bucher wanted to have a look at the FRM II. As children are not allowed in the radiation protection areas, they got an alternative programme with a short video about physics, a long handicrafts part and the neutron ball game. Technical Director Dr. Anton Kastenmüller released the foamy atom models in the end for consumption. Finally, the children could peek through the visitors’ window down to the reactor pool and look at the scientific instruments in the neutron guide hall west, accompanied by Dr. Wiebke Lohstroh, Dr. Martin Mühlbauer and student Regina Sachsenhauser.

fig1: Neutron scattering using marsh mallows

After their visit, the pupils have created a poster saying thank you. © C. Niiranen / FRM II

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