The Canadian Neutron Beam Centre is inviting user proposals for beam time

Date: 21/07/2015


The Canadian Neutron Beam Centre invites user proposals for neutron beam time on its six beamlines:

  • C2 High Resolution Powder Diffractometer
  • C5 Polarized Beam Triple-Axis Spectrometer
  • D3 Reflectometer
  • E3 Triple-axis Spectrometer
  • L3 Stress-Scanning Diffractometer
  • N5 Triple-Axis Spectrometer

User proposals are accepted at anytime. The application form may be downloaded from the Canadian Institute for Neutron Scattering:

For a direct link to the technical information on the beamlines, please refer to:

General information about the Canadian Neutron Beam Centre is available from our website:

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