Report on Joint JCNS-Flipper Workshop

, 06/10/2016

jcns workshop

The Joint JCNS Workshop & Flipper 2016 held in Tutzing, Germany on Oct. 4-7, 2016 attracted a more than 50 scientists from Germany, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, England, Russia, Japan and Taiwan. The workshop was devoted to modern trends in neutron scattering from magnetic systems and single-crystal diffraction with polarised neutrons and highlighted latest developments in quantum and frustrated spin sytsems, unconventional superconductors, nanomagnetism and polarized neutron instrumentation. More as 40 oral contributions were presented which lead to lively and intense discussions stimualting broad exchange of knowledge and opportunties to collaborate. The workshop demonstrated in a unique way the importance of neutrons and in particular polarized neutrons to investigate and understand magnetic and related phenomena in science.

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