Application of a Polarized Neutron Microbeam to the Investigation of a Magnetic Microstructure

By A. Menelle 31/03/2014

Polarized Neutron Microbeam

The application of a neutron microbeam to the investigation of an internal magnetic microstructure has been demonstrated experimentally. The object of investigation is an amorphous magnetic wire 190 μm in diameter, with the axial and circular magnetic domains formed inside it. A narrow neutron micro beam with a width of 2.6 μm, which is formed by a threelayer film (a planar waveguide) serves as the probe for scanning with a high spatial resolution. The method of investigation is the neutron spin precession upon transmission through the sample.

S. V. Kozhevnikov, F. Ott, J. Torrejón, M. Vázquez, and A. Thiaville

Original Publication
Application of a polarized neutron microbeam to the investigation of a magnetic microstructure
S.V. Kozhevnikov et al, Fizika Tverdogo Tela, Vol. 56, No. 1, pp. 63–67, 2014.

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