VII International School on Neutron Physics (Dubna,Russia)

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        The Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics and University Centre of the
        Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia) are organizing
        the VII International School on Neutron Physics. Specialists working
        in the field of neutron physics will lecture and present reviews on
        the development of neutron sources in the world and the present
        status and development prospects of experimental and theoretical
        research in fundamental neutron physics, nuclear physics, condensed
        matter physics, and neutron applications in ecology and novel

        The Organizing Committee is planning the School to be mainly
        orientated to students of senior courses, graduates of universities
        and institutes, and young scientists.

        The School will be held in two sessions on the campus of the Ratmino
        vacation complex near Dubna. The first session on NUCLEAR PHYSICS
        will be held from 3 to 12 September, and the second session on
        CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS from 14 to 22 September, 1995.

        The working languages of the School will be Russian and English.

        The Registration Fee of $100 for students and $200 for other
        participants for the period of one session includes accommodation and
        all meals. JINR can provide partial support to students on

        The Organizing Committee asks you to distribute this information among
        interested people in your institution and provide all possible
        support to those wishing to attend.

        The Second Announcement containing the Preliminary Program and
        participation details will be distributed in March 1995. Applications
        for participation should be sent to the Scientific Secretary of the
        School, Dr. E.I.Kornilov, to the address at the bottom of the letter.



        Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
          Training University

 Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
                Dubna, Russia

                1st Circular


Chairman                                                V.L.Aksenov
Vice-Chairmen:  Condensed Matter Physics Session        A.V.Belushkin
                Nuclear Physics Session                 W.I.Furman

Scientific Secretary                                    E.I.Kornilov

Members                                                 A.M.Balagurov


N.A.Chernoplekov (Moscow)
L.Cser (Budapest)
A.I.Frank (Dubna)
B.N.Goschitsky (Ekaterinsburg)
V.K.Ignatovich (Dubna)
N.Janeva (Sofia)
E.Janik (Crakow)
J.Kliman (Bratislava)
A.I.Okorokov (Gatchina)
R.P.Ozerov (Moscow)
L.B.Pikelner (Dubna)
G.Pepy (Saclay)
Yu.P.Popov (Dubna)
I.N.Serdyuk (Dubna)
V.A.Somenkov (Moscow)
Yu.Ya.Stavisski (Troitsk)
M.Stempinsky (Lodz)
V.A.Trounov (Gatchina)

The Tentative Program includes the following topics:

                Nuclear Physics Session:

- Fundamental properties of the neutron
- Electric charge radius and polarizability of the neutron
- Astrophysical aspects of neutron physics
- Neutron spectroscopy methods
- Gamma-radiation following neutron capture
- The (n,2\gamma) reaction and the structure of excited nuclei
- Gas neutron detectors
- Neutron sources
- Nuclear models and neutron nuclear physics
- Weak interactions in reactions with neutrons
- Ultracold neutrons
- Neutron optics and quantum mechanics
- The physics of fission
- Fission neutrons
- Application aspects of neutron physics
- Radiography

                Condensed Matter Physics Session:

- Ultracold neutrons and fundamental physics problems
- Neutron optics theory and applications
- Modern neutron sources
- Extracts from the evolution history of nuclear reactors in the USSR
- Neutron reflectometry
- Neutron diffraction
- Magnetic neutron scattering
- Neutrons and high-Tc superconductivity
- Neutrons and synchrotron radiation in biology
- Neutron studies of polymers
- Neutrons in modern chemistry
- Study of quantum liquids with neutrons
- Industrial applications of neutrons
- Some unusual applications of neutrons


                Application form
        Dubna, 3-22 September 1995

Name: _______________________________
Institution and address: ____________
Position: ___________________________
Fields of interest:__________________
FAX: ________________________________
Telex: ______________________________
E-mail: _____________________________

I plan to ATTEND:
( )     Nuclear Physics Session
( )     Condensed Matter Session

If you plan to ATTEND, please advise the Organizing Committee of your
(and accompanying person(s), if any) personal data for sending a visa
support fax, as follows:

Full name_______________________________
Date and place of birth_________________
Passport number_________________________
Russian consulate or embassy applied to for
a visa__________________________________
This form should be sent to the address at the bottom of the letter
to reach the Scientific Secretary before 1 March 1995


Sincerely yours,

E.I.Kornilov School Scientific Secretary

FAX: (7-09621) 65 085;  65 429
Telex: 911621 Dubna SU
Mail: 141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
Tel.:  (7-095) 924 39 14;  (7-09621) 63387
E-mail:  kornilov at

Dr Eugene I Kornilov
Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
141980 Dubna, RUSSIA

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