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Ray Osborn ROsborn at
Tue Feb 21 15:59:49 CST 1995

We have established the Neutron Scattering Mailing List in order to
provide an efficient method of communication between members of the
neutron scattering
community worldwide.  We are therefore inviting everyone who is associated
with neutron scattering and/or who wishes to be informed of neutron-related
activities and developments to subscribe to the new service.    
To subscribe to the server, send an E-mail message to
"neutron-request at" leaving the subject header blank.  In the body
of the message, type


and that's all.  The QUIT command insures that the mail server ignores
subsequent text (e.g. signatures etc). When you have subscribed, you will
receive a welcome message which lists other commands you can use to obtain
information about the server.

All subscribers can post to the server by sending an E-mail message to
"neutron at" preferably with an informative subject heading.  This
message will then be sent to all current subscribers.  Please note that
this process is completely unmoderated so we ask that you restrict
postings to information that is of interest to the neutron community in
general.  People are likely to sign off the server if they receive too
much unwanted E-mail.  On the other hand, we do wish the mail server to be
useful.  Appropriate messages would include announcements of
neutron-related workshops and conferences, source run cycle dates, calls
for proposals, newly-commissioned instruments, new analysis software, new
ftp or WWW sites, and any other "hot" news.  It would also be acceptable
to post questions to subscribers concerning neutron-related issues
although we ask that replies be sent by E-mail directly to the
questioner.  He/she should then summarize the responses and post that to
the server.

We believe that there is a role for online discussions within the neutron
community but that Usenet is a more appropriate forum than an E-mail
server.  One of the reasons for setting up this server is to establish the
level of support within the neutron community for such a newsgroup.  When
a reasonable number of people have subscribed, we will perform a survey of
subscribers' opinions before proceeding with a Usenet application.  

You are welcome to forward this message on to any colleagues who are
involved in, or have an interest in, neutron scattering. The more people
who subscribe to this service, the more useful a function it will have. 
Please direct all questions concerning the operation of the Neutron
Scattering Mailing List to Tom Worlton (TGWorlton at while questions
relating to the Usenet newsgroup should be addressed to Ray Osborn
(ROsborn at

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