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Fri Feb 24 16:19:14 CST 1995

Institut Laue-Langevin, 24 February 1995


Next deadline: 1 March 1995 (exceptionally). Proposals have to be at ILL on
the first. Faxes are accepted if the orginal ( with copies) arrives 2 days

You can pick up a word file of the proposal form from the ftp anonymous of (under pub/ILL). Do not forget to do all transfers in binary.
Further details can be found on www (

Accepted proposals will receive beam time in the second half of 1995. The
dates for the cycles are: 8.8.-23.9 and 31.10. - 16.12.

The meeting of the subcommittees are on 26/27 April 1995.

The reactor operates at 58 MW without any problems. This week the
commissioning phase for the instruments will come to an end and users are
expected next week. 

Herma Buttner

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