New URL/ftp addresses for Neutrons

Tom Worlton worlton at
Tue Feb 28 10:14:01 CST 1995

We have added aliases for the Neutron Web Server and ftp server
to simplify access and allow moving the server if needed.  The
new WWW URL is:

The new ftp address is:

I have added an "Announcements" section to the Neutron home page which is
intended to include announcements of conferences, schools, proposal
deadlines, etc.  If you have an announcement which should be included
there, please send it via email to: 

        "tgworlton at"

Our ftp server is a VMS machine.  Since VMS file names include version numbers
such as ";12" it may be necessary to rename files to remove the version 
numbers for files copied to PC's or Unix machines.

The Web server is a Windows NT machine.  It has recently been reported that
some users have had trouble accessing Windows NT Web Servers using
Netscape, but not Lynx.  The problem was in the settings of the Winsock
client.  I have attached comments on that problem in case anyone out there
has a problem accessing our Web Server.  If anyone does not know how to use
anonymous ftp or a web browser, contact your local computer experts, or 
send me email.

Tom Worlton
Messages regarding problems with Netscape access to an NT Web Server
1 Frank Priest wrote:
1 Very strangely, my service provider is having difficulty connecting me to
1 various sites via ppp or slip dialup.  If I try from a shell prompt with 
1 lynx, no problem.  In with PPP or SLIP, several sites don't get past Host
1 contacted.  Waiting for reply.  They *all* happen to be NT based sites!
1 (he was using Netscape and Trumpet Winsock)

2 A follow up message said:
2 I solved the problem by changing the following values in the Trumpet
2 INI file:
2 mtu=1500
2 rwin=3072
2 mss=768
2 If you set them to these numbers it will work.

3 sjoerd van gelderen <gelderen at> wrote:
3 In the Netherlands, where we run both and
3 under Windows NT and the EMWAC server, there is one service
3 provider called Euronet who advises their clients to change the
3 settings of WinSock to
3 mtu=552
3 tcprwin=2048
3 tcpmss=512

3 Then restart WinSock and everything works fine!

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