New Royal Society Fellows

Tom Worlton worlton at
Wed Mar 15 16:17:50 CST 1995

The following was posted by Tom Worlton at the Request of Prof. John White:

At the March 9, 1995 meeting of the Royal Society, the following neutron 
scatterers were elected Fellows:

Professor Julia Stretton Higgins, Professor of Polymer Science at the 
Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine, University of London.  
Professor Higgins is distinguished for her studies of the molecular structure 
of polymers, the basic molecules of plastics and gels.  She has used a range of 
techniques to study their properties and dynamics, especially neutron 
scattering techniques, which she has developed and applied in novel and 
imaginative ways.  Her work on the thermodynamics and demixing processes in 
blends of polymers has particular importance.

Dr. Colin George Windsor, Senior Scientist at the National NDT Centre, AEA 
Technology, Didcot, Oxfordshire.  
Dr. Windsor is distinguished for his outstanding experimental and modelling
skills, used to especial effect in the industrial application of beams of
neutrons.  He demonstrated the use of pulsed beams of neutrons to study solid
matter, and pioneered the application of the penetrating abilities of neutrons
to study critical defects and internal stress in engineering products.  More
recently he has applied pattern recongnition techniques and neural nets to a
range of areas, including weld defect classification, the analysis of the
financial index, and signature recognition. 

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