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                     ICANS XIII & (ESS-PM3)
                     ==========   =========

                        1st Announcement

The thirteenth meeting of the International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron
Sources will be hosted by the Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen Switzerland.
The meeting will be held at PSI from

Wednesday October 11th to Saturday October 14th 1995.

The 3rd plenary meeting for the European Spallation Source is scheduled to
be held in Switzerland (location not yet fixed) from

Monday October 16th to Wednesday October 19th 1995.

These two meetings have been scheduled to follow one another because of
the overlap of discussion topics and because many of the international
collaborators will wish to attend both meetings. Although this may cause
organisational headaches, the two committees see advantages in having
some parts of ICANS combined into joint sessions with ESS-PM3.  A less
crowded schedule ought to allow more time for discussion helping to reinforce
the 'workshop' nature of the meeting. We attach a preliminary registration
form for the ICANS-XIII meeting which we hope you will return to us as
soon as possible but at the latest by 31st March 1995. Final registration
forms will be sent out about two months later to those who have replied. At
this stage we need information to allow finding hotel accomodation,  first
indications of topics of interest and also how combination with ESS-PM3
might work.  To help you, we supply the following guideline information:

Meeting Organisation

A preliminary list of topics, together with a tentative split between the
two meetings, is as follows:

ICANS XIII (Oct 11th to 14th)
  New source concepts and new developments in components
  Instruments (short pulsed, long pulsed and continuous)
  Experiment infrastructure and data processing
  New trends in neutron scattering including industrial applications

Combined with ESS-PM3 (Oct 16th to 19th)
  Accelerator technology and beam transport
  Target and moderator technology including cold moderators
  Operational aspects of medium-to-high power spallation neutron sources
  Technical applications

Please indicate on the preliminary registration form under which topic
you would like your contribution included and as well which other sessions
you would be interested in attending. Also, feel free to suggest other
topics or specialist areas which could be themes for specific workshop

We plan to issue proceedings of the ICANS-XIII meeting. All contributions
to ICANS, including any that become part of sessions in the ESS-PM3 meeting,
will be included. We are investigating the possibility that the proceedings
will be published as a special issue of a suitable journal (details will be
given in the next announcement). To give you ample warning, a possible
consequence will be that the rather relaxed time plan permitted by in-house
production of earlier ICANS proceedings will not be allowed!

Planning Information
Travel:         The nearest airport to PSI is Zurich.  There is a direct
                train connection from the airport to Baden. Rail connections
                to and from many of the main european cities and
                Zurich/Basel are available.
Hotel:          A preliminary block booking with a hotel in Baden and Brugg
                has been made. (transport between hotel and meeting will
                be provided by PSI). Price guide (per night):
                single room from 80,-- SFr to 150,-- SFr
                double room from 160,-- SFr to 210,-- SFr
Meeting Fee:    A fee of sFr 200.- to cover costs of the proceedings and
                other incidentals will be charged. This fee may be waived in
                some cases.
ESS-PM3:        We would like to know if you plan to attend ESS-PM3 also, so
                that the possibility of joint sessions may be seen. Transfer
                between the two locations will be combined with a trip to
                somewhere of interest and organised by PSI.
Assistance:     In suitable individual cases, some limited help towards the
                cost of attending ICANS XIII can be made (this will be
                financed, in part, from the meeting fee). If you wish
                to apply, please enclose a letter giving your reasons
                with your preliminary registration.

G.S. Bauer                              W.E. Fischer
Organisation-Committee Chairman         ICANS XIII Chairman


Preliminary Registration for ICANS-XIII, 11 - 14 October 1995


Tel No.

I plan to attend

ICANS-XIII only ()
ESS-PM3 only    ()
Both meetings   ()

Hotel Accomodation:     Single room     ()       Double room     ()

Sessions of Interest:
New source concepts (NS) (); Instruments (IN) (); Experiment infrastructure
(EI) (); New trends in neutron scattering (NT) (); Accelerator technology
(AT) (); Target and moderator technology (TM) (); Operational aspects of
neutron sources (OA) (); Technical applications (TA) ()

Preliminary Title/Topic         Session         oral    poster


Please send/FAX to      Frau Renate Bercher
                        Paul Scherrer Institut
                        CH-5232 Villigen PSI
                        Tel. +41 56 99 3402
                        Fax +41 56 99 3294
                        E-mail BERCHER at CVAX.PSI.CH

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