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Simon Redfern satr at
Thu Mar 23 15:31:00 CST 1995

Please could you draw the following two job opportunities to the attention
of members of your Department and potential candidates.

Thank you

Simon Redfern


Appointment in


Applications are invited from physicists, chemists,
materials scientists or mineralogists for a one year
teaching appointment in Mineral Physics/Mineral Chemistry
from 1.10.95.

The Mineral Physics and Chemistry group in the Department
is actively involved in theoretical and experimental
studies on the thermodynamics, mechanisms and kinetics of
phase transformations in minerals, using a wide range of
techniques, including diffraction, spectroscopy, electron
microscopy and calorimetry.

The appointment will be on the National University
Lecturer pensionable stipend scale.  Applicants should be
under the age of 28.

Applications including curriculum vitae/publications (6
copies) and the names of three referees, should be sent
to the Administrator, Department of Earth Sciences,
University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2
3EQ by 19 May 1995.



Applications are invited for a University Lectureship or
Assistant Lectureship in any aspect of the broad areas of
Mineral Physics/Chemistry and Crystallography, to take up
appointment on 1 October 1995.  The Department is
interested in extending the range of its research
activities into fields such as high pressure mineralogy
and crystallography, and the properties and structures of
glasses, melts and mineral surfaces.  However,
applications from candidates with experience outside
these fields will also be welcome.

The appointment will be made at either University
Lecturer or University Assistant Lecturer level,
depending on the age of the person appointed, and will be
for three years, with the possibility, for a University
Lecturer, of reappointment to the retiring age or, for a
University Assistant Lecturer, of reappointment for two
years.  The statutory limit of tenure for a University
Assistant Lectureship is five years, but all holders of
the office of University Assistant Lecturer are
considered for possible appointment to the office of
University Lecturer during the course of their tenure.

The pensionable scales of stipends are:

University Lecturer:    17,813 pounds a year, rising by
eleven annual increments to 27,473.  There is no grade of
Senior Lecturer.

University Assistant Lecturer:  13,941 pounds a year,
rising by seven annual increments to 19,326.

Applications including curriculum vitae, list of
publications (10 copies of all) and the names and
addresses of three referees should be sent to the
Secretary of the Appointments Committee, Department of
Earth Sciences, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3EQ so as
to arrive not later than 19 May 1995.


Dept Earth Sciences
University of Cambridge
Downing Street
Cambridge CB2 3EQ        tel:01223 333475   FAX:01223 333450

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