Triple-axis spectrometers worldwide.

John R. D. Copley john at
Fri Mar 31 15:04:39 CST 1995

Dear colleague

I am attempting to determine the number of triple-axis spectrometers (TAS)
in the world.  To this end I have tried to contact appropriate people at
all research reactor facilities that might reasonably have one or more
such instruments.  Below is a summary of the information I have so far
managed to collect.  I would appreciate your comments, such as new, corrected,
or improved information for a reactor site, sites omitted from my list, 
suggestions of people to contact at sites for which I have no information, etc.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

In this survey I have assumed (I think reasonably) that there are no 
triple-axis instruments at pulsed neutron sources. 

I take this opportunity to thank the many collegues who have responded to my
enquiries up to now about triple-axis spectrometers.  I apologize that I 
have not thanked them individually.

John Copley

CONTINENT               Contact                 Number
  Site                                          of TAS

  Chalk River           Powell                     4
  McMaster                                         0
  Brookhaven            Shapiro                    6
  Oak Ridge             Robertson                  4
  NIST                                             5  
  Missouri                                         1  
  Rhode Island                                     0  
  MIT                   Harling                    0
  Michigan                                         0  

        (What about Central and South America?)

  ILL Grenoble          Cook                       5.5 (counting IN3 as 0.5)
  LLB Saclay            Bellisent-Funel            5   (Neutron News 3, no.1)
  CENG Grenoble         Boucherle                  1
  Julich                Grimm                      2
  Munich                Steichele                  1
  HMI Berlin                                       3   (list of instruments)
  PTB Braunschweig      Wagner                     0
  Delft                 Verkerk                    0
  Petten                Brand                      0
  Wurenlingen           Altorfer                   0
  Seibersdorf                                      ?   (one from Swierk?)
  Kjeller                                          ?
  Studsvik              McGreevy                   0
  Swierk                Mikke                      4
  Rez                   Mikula                     1
  Budapest              Cser                       ?   no reply yet
  Sofia                 Yaidzhiev                  ?   no reply yet
  Riso                  Broholm/Lebech             3.5 (counting TAS3 as 0.5)
  Rossendorf                                           (one from Swierk?)
  Rome                  Sacchetti                  ?   no reply yet

        (I understand that 4 TAS were sold to laboratories at unknown 
        locations in the former Soviet Union; does anyone have information
        about TAS instruments in the FSU?)

  Korea                 Chung                      1
  Beijing               Ye                         1
  Japan (JAERI)         Endoh                      7   (see 1994 annual report)
  India                 Rao                        3
  Indonesia             Ridwan                     1
  Bangladesh            Ahmed                      1   (information from Ye)
  Pakistan              Butt                       1   (information from Ye)

  Lucas Heights         Elcombe                    1

  Pelindaba             Venter                     ?   no reply yet

        (I understand that TAS instruments were sold to laboratories in
        Cairo and in Libya; does anyone have information on these?)

John R. D. Copley 
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