NIST/CNRF call for proposals

B. Kamitakahara billk at
Mon Apr 24 14:40:52 CDT 1995


We have recently mailed out a call for proposals for experiments to be
carried out in the period June - December 1995.  If you did not receive our
mailing, and wish to do so, please call Carol O'Connor at (301) 975-6240,
or Bill Kamitakahara at (301) 975-6878, or e-mail cnrf at

The Cold Neutron Research Facility (CNRF) offers neutron scattering and
chemical analysis instruments to all qualified users. 

The NIST reactor and the CNRF are resuming operation after an extended
shutdown, during which major improvements have been made.  Most
important of these is the installation of a new liquid-hydrogen cold source,
which will increase the average cold neutron flux delivered to CNRF
instruments by a factor of four, with even greater gains at longer
wavelengths.  In addition, three new neutron guides have been installed,
which have 2-theta-critical supermirror coatings on their top and bottom
surfaces.  Finally, new heat exchangers for the reactor mean that the reactor
will be operated at 20 MW rather than the 15 MW employed before the

In this call for proposals, eight instruments are offered to applicants,

* a new high-resolution powder diffractometer (located in the reactor
* two 30-meter small angle scattering diffractometers
* a cold-neutron reflectometer
* a Fermi-chopper time-of-flight spectrometer
* a cold-neutron spin-polarized triple-axis spectrometer
* a prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis station
* a cold-neutron depth profiling station

If you wish to apply for beam time on an instrument, please submit a
Proposals which receive favorable reviews from expert referees will be
scheduled for experiments from June 1995 to December 1995.
For more information about the CNRF, call W. A. Kamitakahara at (301)
975-6878 or Carol O'Connor at (301) 975-6240.  You may inquire by mail
to the address below, by electronic mail to cnrf at, or FAX
a message to (301) 921-9847.

The CNRF proposal system functions primarily by mail review of proposals
by expert referees.  When reviews have been obtained, the Program Advisory
Committee (PAC) of the CNRF rank-orders the proposals and assigns the
amount of beam time to be allocated to each successful proposal for each
experimental station.  The actual scheduling of experiments is carried out by
CNRF staff.

Proposal forms are included in our mailing for the call for proposals, but may
also be obtained by anonymous ftp.  From your computer terminal, proceed
as follows.

Name:          anonymous
Password:      (give your e-mail address)
               cd cnrf
               bin            (or similar command to set transfer mode to binary)
               get proform.wp        (to get the PC Wordperfect version)
       or      get proform.word              (to get the Macintosh Word version)

Those of you who are familiar with Word or Wordperfect may find it
convenient to use these files to prepare your proposal.  However, the
completed proposals should be mailed to us rather than transmitted
electronically.  If you are worried about missing the proposal deadline, you
may FAX your proposal to (301) 921-9847, in which case you should also
send us a copy in the mail with an indication that the proposal has been sent
to us by FAX.

Information about the CNRF and the proposal system has been placed on the
World Wide Web (home page  This material will be
updated regularly.  More detailed information about the instruments is
contained in our recent mailing, and we are in the process of placing it on the

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