New Small-Angle Scattering Listserver

John Barnes john.barnes at NIST.GOV
Wed Aug 23 10:58:54 CDT 1995

Dear Colleagues;
        The following is an expanded version of a press release that will appear
in the American Crystallographic Association Newsletter sometime in the not
too distant future.

New Listserver for Small-Angle Scattering

Persons who are interested in receiving occasional electronic mail bulletins
regarding small angle scattering can subscribe to a new Internet listserver
established by the ACA Small Angle Scattering SIG. A simple E-mail message
addressed to mailserv at with "subscribe sa_scat" as the subject line and
repeated on the first line of the message will get you signed up. You will
automatically receive further information about the listserver soon after you

The SA SIG decided to try implement its listserver as an exercise in
"self-assembly" for the worldwide small angle scattering community. The
promoters hope to spark sufficient interest to lead to other activities such
as FTP sites, Web Pages, newsgroups, and similar tools for promoting
international research collaboration. 

The are a number of new initiatives coming up in the near future. Next year's
IUCr Congress (which takes the place of the ACA Annual Meeting), the move to
establish an IUCR Commission on Small Angle Scattering, and the selection of new
officers for the ACA SA SIG are a couple that are worth mentioning. The timing
for the establishment of the listserver was partly dictated by a desire to have
widespread participation in these acitivies.

If you want to become a part of these and other movements within the SAS
community please take a few minutes to subscribe. Also think about creative ways
to use the listserver to further the cause of the community.

Readers of the neutron listserver will be aware that small angle scattering
is a topic that is already covered on their forum. The new sa_scat
listserver is intended to reach a broader community more inclusive by
accomodating people who are interested in using laboratory x-ray sources,
synchroton sources, and even light scattering.

For further information contact:
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