ILL-D2B High resolution mode

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Thu Sep 7 12:26:43 CDT 1995


Can somebody indicate one or several publications showing
experimental results from the use of the ILL D2B instrument
working in the high resolution mode ?

Alternatively, can somebody answer to the following questions 
that have no response into the "ILL Yellow Book" :
 -  2 hours in high intensity mode or 20 hours in high resolution
    mode to have a "good" pattern at 1.594 A, is that correct for
    an optimal sample ?
 -  what is today the minimal FWHM in high resolution mode 
    and the one in high intensity mode (or better, the U,V,Ws and
    profile shapes)?
 -  are the fits very satisfying by the Rietveld method in high
    resolution mode (at least Rp<10%, background subtracted) ?
As recommended for this list, please send replies directly to
me. I will summarize and post because these informations are
of interest to D2B users.
Thanks in advance,

          Armel Le Bail  -    armel at

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