Neutron data now available on WWW

Alan Munter amunter at
Thu Oct 26 16:34:43 CDT 1995


                Neutron scattering lengths and
                cross sections available on the
                        World Wide Web

You can find a complete list of neutron scattering lengths and cross
sections, taken from _Neutron News_, Vol. 3, No. 3, 1992, pp.  29-37 
at the URL

A link to this page has also been added to the Neutron Scattering
Home Page at IPNS, Argonne National Lab

At this time, we only have support for web browsers which support
table formatting tags (Netscape, Mosaic, IBM Web Explorer, most
graphical web browsers).

Text based browsers, such as Lynx, will probably not work until we can
get the list of data converted from table tags into formats that
those browsers can understand.

Any questions or problems should be sent to Alan Munter, munter at

I hope that this will be a useful tool for everyone in the field.


Alan Munter
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