IPNS Proposal Deadline

Tom Worlton worlton at anpns1.pns.anl.gov
Fri Nov 10 14:07:03 CST 1995

Argonne, IL USA November 10, 1995

Intense Pulsed Neutron Source Call for Proposals
This is a reminder that today is the deadline for proposals for experiments to

be run at IPNS from January, 1996, through June, 1996.  We normally accept
proposals which arrive within about a week of the deadline, especially if
we have received fax copies in advance or notification of the title and 

The proposal form (IPNSPR95) is available in both rtf and pdf format
through ftp from the forms directory on the node "pnstgw.pns.anl.gov".  It
may also be obtained through the World Wide Web by following the links from
the IPNS home page at "http://pnsjph.pns.anl.gov".  Those who use this form
can enclose their proposal in an E-mail message to "bamarzec at anl.gov".

Congress has passed the FY 1996 Energy and Water budget bill, which includes
our budget and the scientific facilities initiative, but it is awaiting the
President's signature.
Plans are underway to increase the IPNS operating time to 25 weeks this year. 
In the past, because of a shorter operating schedule, IPNS was forced to
many excellent proposals.  With this expected increase in run time, we should
be able to approve and run a higher percentage of research proposals.
Proposals are being accepted for the following Instruments:
Special Environment/General Purpose/High Intensity Powder Diffractometers:
Single Crystal Diffractometer: SCD
Small Angle Diffractometer: SAD
Low-Resolution/High-Resolution Medium-Energy Chopper Spectrometers: 
Polarized Neutron Reflectometer: POSY
Neutron Reflectometer: POSY II
Glass, Liquid and Amorphous Materials Diffractometer: GLAD
Quasi-Elastic Neutron Spectrometer: QENS

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