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Below is an advertisement for a current opening for a staff position at the
Manuel Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center at Los Alamos.  Further
information on the job application process at Los Alamos can be found on
the Los Alamos World Web page -- home page is

Job Number:   961300
Series:       TSM
Organization: LANSCE
Date Posted:  12/21/95
Availability: This job is open to all applicants
Job Title:    STAFF MEMBER
Job Status:   Open
No. Openings: 1
Clearance:    Q (Position will be cleared to this level)
(Limited Term Full-Time 2yr)


Technical staff member for study of materials behavior using neutron
scattering techniques at
the Manuel Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center (MLNSC). Participate in a
vigorous and growing
effort focused primarily on support of Science-Based Stockpile Stewardship
(SBSS) and
DOE/Basic Energy Sciences (BES) research programs. This individual will be
responsible for a
major upgrade project of the small angle neutron scattering instrument at
the MLNSC. The
successful candidate will conduct independent scientific research,
predominantly in
microstructures of high explosives, chemical compatibility of materials,
interfaces, and
corrosion using the small angle neutron scattering (LQD) and reflectometry
instruments at MLNSC and, if necessary, spectrometers at other neutron
scattering centers. The
successful candidate will be responsible for developing and maintaining a
collaborative effort in
SBSS research with Sandia National Labs in Albuquerque. This individual
will assist the
instrument scientists on LQD and SPEAR to carry out experiments. This
responsibility, which
supports research funded by SBSS, BES, and other Lab funding, involves
assistance to users,
oversight of instrument maintenance, and participation in the planning and
implementation of
spectrometer upgrades.

Required Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

Demonstrated record of accomplishment in the application of small angle
x-ray and/or neutron
scattering and reflectometry techniques to the study of microstructures,
interfaces, as
evidenced by publications, reports, awards, and recommendations.
Demonstrated expertise in
the design, construction and operation of neutron and/or x-ray
instrumentation. Demonstrated
knowledge of software development for data acquisition and analysis.
Demonstrated scientific
leadership as evidenced by the quality of research conducted under the
applicant's direction.
Demonstrated organizational leadership as evidenced by the ability to
organize and lead scientific
projects or teams. Proven effective interpersonal and communication skills.

Desired Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

Q-clearance highly desirable.

Education, Training, or Licensing:

Ph.D. in condensed matter sciences (physics, chemistry, materials science,
geology or biology)
or equivalent combination of education and experience. Submit resume or
application materials
to Staffing Group, MS P286.

+++++++++++ Joyce A.Roberts  +++++++++++
                               Acting Center Leader
                              MLNSC  MS H805
                              Los Alamos National Lab
                              Los Alamos, NM 87545 USA
                             (505)665-2676 (FAX)
                             E-Mail:  joycer at

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