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Grenoble, 16 July 1997


Our next deadline for proposals is 31 August 1997. 
There are new proposal forms. You can also recuperate the forms as a
Microsoft Word file or a LaTeX file with ftp from (
as user anonymous under pub/sco. If you need further details or assistance
please contact us or look on the web ( Please use the
latest proposal form which dates from June 1997.
Faxed proposals can only be accepted when the original arrives at ILL
within 3 days after the deadline. Emailed proposals cannot be accepted,
since our further copying is based on the reduced (double-sided) copy of
the proposal. (Your local contact may be prepared to help you in this).
Please keep in mind that we have to deal with over 500 proposals, of which
80% arrive in the last two days. If you need proposal forms and/or
experimental-report forms, please contact SCO:
156, Ave. des Martyrs, BP 156
F-38042 Grenoble Cedex 9
phone: +33 4 76 20 70 82
fax: +33 4 76 48 39 06
email: sco at

Experimental reports
Not only for a continuation proposal but also for a "new" proposal it is
requested that in order to provide maximum information to the subcommittee
you attach to your proposal copies of reports on your recent experiment(s)
on related topics. Reports, which are not provided with the proposal
submission, will not be forwarded to the subcommittee members. Please be
aware that the subcommittees might reject a proposal, if  reports from
previous experiments are missing.

Your publication record
The revised proposal form has a paragraph for your publications: please
give the references of your publications of the last two years resulting
from experiments carried out at ILL. The subcommittees will follow the
publication of  experimental work closely. 
Do not forget to send a reprint of all publications related to experiments
performed at the ILL to the joint ILL/ESRF library (we would be grateful if
you could attach details of instruments used and college concerned). Thank
you for your co-operation.

Instruments available
The following instruments will be available for the forthcoming round (note
that D16 and D17 are not available):
ð powder diffractometers: D1A*, D1B* D2B, D20
ð liquids diffractometer: D4
ð single-crystal diffractometers: D3, D9, D10, D15*, D19, DB21
ð topography: S20* 
ð small-angle scattering: D11, D22
ð reflectometers: ADAM*, EVA*
ð diffuse-scattering spectrometer: D7
ð three-axis spectrometers: IN1, IN3*, IN8, IN12*, IN14, IN20
ð time-of-flight spectrometers: IN5, IN6, IN4 is expected to be available
for a limited number of commissioning experiments with external users 
ð backscattering and spin-echo spectrometers: IN10, IN11, IN15, IN16
ð nuclear-physics instruments: PN1, PN3 (with GAMS5 option)
ð fundamental-physics instruments: PF1, PF2
You will find details of the instruments on the web under
under facilities.
Instruments marked with an asterisk are CRG instruments, where a smaller
amount of beam time is available than on ILL-funded instruments.

Scheduling period
For the spring round there will be 2.5 cycles (a cycle is 50 days)
available for beam-time allocation from January to July 1998.
The scientific council with its subcommittee meetings will be on 22/23/24
October 1997.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.
Herma Buttner

      _/   _/         _/                   Dr. Herma G. Buttner
     _/   _/         _/                    ILL, Scientific Coordinator
    _/   _/         _/                     email: buttner at
   _/   _/         _/                      phone +33 476 20 71 79
  _/   _/_/_/_/   _/_/_/_/         fax +33 476 48 39 06

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