ISIS Call for Proposals

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Fri Sep 19 16:58:59 CDT 1997

ISIS Facility
Call for Proposals    Round 98/1
Scheduling period  April 1998 to September 1998
For further information contact :
 ISIS User Liaison Office
 Tel     +44(0)1235 44 5592
 Fax     +44(0)1235 44 5103
 email  uls at
 ISIS web-site 


Electronic Retrieval of Proposal Forms
A Microsoft Word 6 version of the latest ISIS Experiment Proposal Form can be 
obtained from the ISIS World Wide Web page
under "How to apply for beam time"
These files may also be copied by anonymous FTP from 
as  /pub/forms/ and /pub/forms/isis_hlp.doc

Electronic Submission of Proposals

If you have an electronic mail system which allows Word documents to be attached to 
an email message, you can submit your completed proposal by email to 
uls at
You do not need to send a confirmatory version of the application by post or fax.
We will acknowledge receipt by email.

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