Post Doctoral Positions at Risoe

Tom Worlton worlton at
Wed Dec 3 08:47:56 CST 1997

>         The Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry Department at
>         Riso National Laboratory, Denmark, is seeking candidates for
>         two post-doctoral positions within areas of:
>         Superconductivity, Low-dimensional magnetism, and Magnetism
>         of nano-sized particles. The candidates will be required to
>         perform research using the neutron scattering facilities at
>         Riso, and possibly also synchrotron radiation sources.
>      Scientific environment:
>         The Department has a staff of 20 permanent and 25 temporary
>         scientists, of which in total 14 work in the fields of
>         magnetism and superconductivity. The neutron scattering
>         facilities are based around the DR3 reactor, which has a
>         cold-neutron source and 8 spectrometers, including the
>         recently commisioned triple-axis spectrometer RITA. The
>         facility is open to outside users under the European TMR
>         program, supporting approximately 55 experiments per year.
>      Qualifications:
>         Applicants should have a recent Ph.D in experimental
>         solid-state physics or equivalent. They must be able to work
>         both in a team and individually. Experience in neutron or
>         X-ray scattering is desirable, although not essential.
>      Responsibility:
>         The successfull applicants are expected mainly to carry out
>         their own research, but also to participate in instrument
>         development and to assist outside users in carrying out
>         neutron experiments. The research in superconductivity may
>         include both basic and materials science.
>      Terms of employment:
>  The initial appointment will be for one
>         year with the possibility for extension by a second year.
>         All other terms of employment will be in accordance with the
>         terms valid for the Danish scientific staff at Ris=F8 National
>         Laboratory. The positions are available from January 1,
>         1998. Ris=F8 National Laboratory is an equal opportunity
>         employer.
>      Further information:
>         Dr. Niels Hessel Andersen (superconductivity), e-mail:
>         niels.hessel at
>         Dr. Desmond McMorrow (low-dimensional magnetism), e-mail:
>         mcmorrow at
>         The Departments www page:
>      Application:
>         Applications marked "147/97" including curriculum vitae and
>         list of publications should be sent to
>         Ris=F8 National Laboratory
>         Personnel Office, building 101
>         P.O. Box 49
>         DK-4000 Roskilde
>         Denmark
>         Deadline for applications is December 31, 1997

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