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Wed Dec 3 11:46:34 CST 1997

IPNS invites applications for a new opening for a Scientific Associate
for Instrument and Software Development.  We also remind you of
previously announced openings for a general Scientific Associate and a
Cryogenics Engineer that are still available.  Please pass on this
information to potential candidates in your organization.
Argonne National Laboratory
Scientific/Engineering Open Positions

Argonne National Laboratory, one of the nation's premier scientific
research and development organizations, located 20 miles southwest of
Chicago, is in need of scientific/engineering personnel. The openings
exist in Argonne's Intense Pulsed Neutron Source (IPNS) Division. IPNS
is the world's first major pulsed spallation neutron facility dedicated
to materials research.

Scientific Associate - Instrument and Software Development
This person will design and develop software and instrument components
to support new neutron scattering instruments to be built at IPNS. The
position involves collaboration with instrument scientists to improve
data analysis and data visualization software, development of software
design tools for instruments, Monte Carlo simulation efforts, and taking
measurements to optimize new instrument components.  A BS or MS degree
in a related field (physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science)
is required.

Scientific Associate Position
This person will be involved with maintaining, monitoring, and upgrading
equipment involved with the neutron instruments at IPNS, and will assist
in the performance of neutron scattering experiments. The position
involves interfacing with scientific users, collecting and analyzing
data, and designing experimental apparatus and sample environments.  A
BS or MS degree in a related field (physics, chemistry, engineering) and
several years of experience are required.

Cryogenics Engineer Opening
IPNS utilizes sophisticated cryogenics systems, including closed cycle
helium refrigerators, to cool its neutron thermalizing moderators. The
units consist of solid methane operated at 20K and liquid methane at
l00K. We seek an experienced cryogenic person to join our cryogenics
team. The ideal candidate will have several years of cryogenics design
and operations experience and a BS, MS, or Ph.D. in a related technical
discipline (engineering, physics, etc.). Experience with vacuum systems,
leak detectors, instrumentation, automated data acquisition, and
electronics is desirable. The chosen candidate will be part of the IPNS
cryogenics team and will be expected to be the cryogenics group leader
in a few years.

				Send resumes to: 	Laura Miller
		IPNS Bldg. 360
		Argonne National Laboratory
		9700 S. Cass Avenue
		Argonne, IL 60439-4814

				Argonne is an equal opportunity
				For additional information, please refer
to the Argonne Home Page on the Internet - or IPNS at

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