The Neutron Mailing List

Worlton, Thomas TWorlton at
Wed Dec 3 15:36:28 CST 1997

The Neutron Mailing list is set up to allow people to subscribe or
signoff at will and to post messages to the list.  There are over 600
subscribers to the list, but a few addresses are bad.  This happens when
people change their E mail address, but they do not signoff the list and
subscribe again from their new address.  If your E mail address changes
and you have problems changing your address on the list, please let me
know and I can do it for you.  I occasionally remove bad addresses from
the list when I get annoyed with all the error messages I receive, so if
you stop getting mail from the list, let me know and I can probably fix
the problem.

Tom Worlton
Intense Pulsed Neutron Source
Tel: (630)252-8755   Fax:(630)252-4163  Email: tgworlton at

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