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Joyce Roberts joycer at
Mon Apr 6 13:40:47 CDT 1998

Job Number:	983516 
Series Level:	TSM
Date Posted:	Apr 06 98
Organization:	LANSCE-12
Clearance:	None
Number of Openings	1
Availability:	This job is open to all applicants
Status:		Open
Job Type:	(Regular Full-Time)

              The Manuel Lujan Jr. Neutron Scattering Center (Lujan Center)
is a high-power pulsed spallation neutron source
              with a mission to conduct materials science research in
support of the Science-based Stockpile Stewardship
              program of the Department of Energy/Defense Programs, to
support a national user program funded by the
              Department of Energy/Office of Basic Energy Sciences, to
conduct basic and applied research in materials
              science, engineering, chemistry, and condensed-matter
physics, and to develop neutron detector technology
              and instrumentation advances. We are seeking a scientist to
be the main LANSCE scientist associated with
              the design, procurement, installation and testing of a new
backscattering instrument at the Lujan Center; to
              develop and conduct a successful user program on the
backscattering instrument for BES and DP; to execute
              world-class research program using neutron-scattering
techniques at the Lujan Center and elsewhere to
              understand the properties of molecules at interfaces in
zeolites, on surfaces, on metal clusters and
              self-assembled monolayers, dynamical processes such as
diffusional processes, inelastic vibrational excitation
              of molecules; and properties and dynamics or molecules in
solution; to make a strong contribution to the
              improvement of the existing neutron scattering instruments
and develop novel approaches to neutron scattering
              instrumentation. The successful candidate will be an
energetic, creative individual who can contribute to
              existing programs and establish new and independent research
program. The successful candidate will serve
              as a scientific liaison between the Lujan Center, the
Theoretical Division, and Chemical Sciences and
              Technology Division. Further information on the Lujan Center
can be obtained on the world-wide web at
 Required Skills:
              Demonstrated ability in project management and leadership
skills. Several years experience in the design and
              construction of neutron scattering spectrometers. Several
years research experience and demonstrated record
              of accomplishment in experimental neutron and/or x-ray
scattering and research on molecular systems.
              Demonstrated scientific leadership as evidenced by the
quality and breadth of research conducted under the
              applicant’s direction. Ability to organize and lead
interdisciplinary teams that include scientists,
              mechanical/electrical engineers and technicians. Demonstrated
ability to work with teams consisting of internal
              and external participants to develop consensus on technical
decisions. Proven effective interpersonal skills and
              oral and written communication skills. Above experience and
skills must be supported by a strong record of
              refereed publications, honors, awards, and invitations to
speak at conferences and universities and by letters of
  Desired Skills:
              Experience using one or more large interdisciplinary user
facilities (e.g. neutron source, x-ray synchrotron
              facility). Experience performing scattering experiments at
pulsed spallation neutron sources. Familiarity in
              dealing with and supporting environment, safety, and health
issues. Familiarity with Monte Carlo simulation of
              neutron scattering instrumentation.
              Ph.D. in condensed-matter physics, materials science,
chemistry, or related field. Submit resume or
              application materials to Staffing Group, MS P286. For
questions about this posting, call (505) 665-7290.
Cheers -- joyce

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