Funding to attend Summer School at Chalk River

Tun, Zin Zin.Tun at
Wed Apr 15 15:00:47 CDT 1998

This reminder is directed to those who are thinking of applying for the
financial support from the Canadian Institute for Neutron Scattering
(CINS) to attend the Summer School on Neutron Scattering at Chalk River
(22-26 June, 1998; information and registration web page:

The application for the support of $200 (Canadian) is made by clicking
on a box when you register for the Summer School.  The deadline for
application, as stated on the web page, is 15 May 1998.  However, the
actual deadline is much sooner since we are approaching the point where
the budgeted amount for the support is used up by those who have already
registered.  Once the budgeted funds are gone, I can no longer
guaranteed the support even if you are eligible.  It would be up to CINS
executive to approve additional funding.

Therefore, if you or your students plan to apply for the CINS support,
you should e-mail your registration as soon as possible.

Zin Tun
1998 Summer School Organizer

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