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Erik Iverson eiverson at
Thu Jun 25 15:48:30 CDT 1998

I would like to call your attention to a special session being
organized for the 1998 Winter Meeting of the American Nuclear Society
entitled Spallation Neutron Sources for Materials Science.  A
description of the session appears below.  This session is being
sponsored by the Accelerator Applications Technical Group of the
American Nuclear Society.

I encourage anyone interested in presenting a paper for this session
to submit a brief summary to the American Nuclear Society using the 
form to be found at

This session was inadvertently omitted from the list in the Call for 
Papers---please submit papers for this session under Section 19.1, 
"Accelerator Applications - General".  While the nominal deadline 
stated in the submission form is 26 June, later submissions can be 
sent directly to me, and will receive full consideration until 
22 July at a minimum.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Location: 1998 ANS Winter Meeting, Washington DC

Date:  15--19 November 1998

Session Title:      Spallation Neutron Sources for Materials Science
Session Organizer:  Dr. Erik Iverson
                    IPNS 360
                    Argonne National Laboratory             
                    9700 South Cass Avenue        
                    Argonne, IL 60439-4814   
                    ph:  630-252-1181
                    fax: 630-252-4163
                    email:    eiverson at    

Summary of the Session:

Spallation neutron sources have a long history of providing pulsed
beams of thermal and sub-thermal neutrons for condensed matter
research.  There are currently large efforts worldwide to improve
existing spallation sources and to build new ones.  This session will
discuss analytical, computational, and experimental design and
characterization of spallation neutron sources giving special
attention to optimizing neutron beam production for scattering
applications.  These applications require ever increasing count rates,
often driven by time/energy/angular resolution even more than by
intensity.  We will discuss matching the design of new scattering
instruments and target-moderator-reflector systems.  We will also
touch on some of the many new possibilities for materials research
using new scattering facilities.  These include not only broad topics
such as superconducting materials, magnetic systems, and
micro-structure formation in engineering and biological systems, but
also areas of specific, direct interest to the American Nuclear
Society, such as radiation effects in fuel and waste matrix materials.

Erik Iverson

Erik B. Iverson, PhD.           Intense Pulsed Neutron Source Division
IPNS 360
Argonne National Laboratory                             (630) 252-1181
9700 S. Cass Ave.                                 (FAX) (630) 252-4163
Argonne, IL  60439-4814                               eiverson at

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