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Masatoshi Arai arai at
Mon Aug 31 15:27:21 CDT 1998

Dear Colleages,

KENS facility is a pulsed neutron source in Japan.   The facility has bee st
arted since 1980.  The accelerator power is very small, however, unique inst
rumants create unique scientific outputs.  You can access to the home page o
f KENS to see details,

We have special arrangement for US young scientists to be a postdoctral fell
ow in Japan supported by Japan Society of Science Promotion (JSSP).  Hence,
this year also, we are offering posisions for postdoctral fellow in KENS pul
sed neutron facility.

There are two categories for this offer.
1) long term position.  ( loger than 12months , shorter than 24months.)
2) short term position. ( longer than 3months, shorter than 12months.)
Sarary:  270,000yen/month+ cost for appartment( up to 100,000yen/month) + ro
und trip expence to Japan + domestic travel costs in Japan (up to ~58,500yen
/year)  + research budget (1,500,00yen/year).

We want to have a person who will work on one of the following activities wi
th KENS staffs.
Reserch activity:
        (1)Studies on material structure and dynamics by neans of pulsed neu
tron scattering.
                There are several activityies in KENS.
                        Amorphous materials, low dimensional magnetism, high
-Tc superconductors,
                        hydrogenious materials.

        (2)Design work of pulsed neutron instrument, Monte Carlo simulation
and instrumentation.
                We are working on conceptual design of instruments for futur
e neutron sources.
                R&D for instrumentation, neutron detectors, neutron optics.

Restriction for application:
        The applicant must be a US citizen and have PhD.  It must be less th
an 6years after PhD.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact with M.Arai before 20-Se

with best regards,              M.Arai

M.Arai                       (ARAI at KEKVAX.KEK.JP)
Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS)
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
1-1 Oho, Tuskuba 305-0801, Japan
TEL: +81-298-64-5613     FAX: +81-298-64-3202

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