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Worlton, Thomas tworlton at
Mon Oct 19 11:21:55 CDT 1998

Post-Doctoral Scientist for Web-Based Software Development

IPNS is in need of a Scientist with training and/or experience in
display and analysis of neutron scattering data.  Experience with tools
such as Java, html, CGI, etc. for web-based software development is
highly desirable.  Knowledge of similar tools such as IDL and X Windows
and of the Java and C computer languages is also desirable.  

IPNS has begun a project to develop software for reading, displaying,
and analyzing neutron scattering data over the Internet using web-based
tools.  Most software is being written in the Java language to ensure
portability and security.  Java applications or applets to accomplish
these tasks will be initiated through a web browser.  These Java
applications will also be integrated with tools for collaboration
between local scientists and remote users.  During the latter part of
this project, we expect to develop software for remote apparatus

This individual will also assist in converting older VMS-based Fortran
analysis codes to C or Java.  Interaction with Instrument Scientists for
the IPNS neutron scattering instruments will be required to determine
software needs.  There will also be interaction with the team designing
and building instruments for the new Spallation Neutron Source to be
built at Oak Ridge.

This appointment is for one year, renewable to a second year at the
post-doctoral level.  For further information contact Tom Worlton at
630-252-8755 or via e-mail at tworlton at

Tom Worlton
Intense Pulsed Neutron Source Division
Argonne National Laboratory

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