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Masatoshi ARAI arai at
Tue Oct 27 12:59:26 CST 1998

Dear Colleagues,

KENS will offer one or two postdoctoral positions for young scientists.

KENS facility is a pulsed neutron source in Japan.  The facility has been
operated since 1980.  The accelerator power is very small, however, unique
instruments create unique scientific outputs.  You can access to the home
page of KENS to see details,

We will offer one or two postdoctoral positions for Center Of Excellence
program (COE).

There are several restrictions and conditions for this position,
1) age should be younger than 35 years old on 31-March 1999,
2) should start the job by 31-March 1999,
3) the contract term is 2 years in maximum,
4) should have PhD or equivalent degree,
5) the status of the post is equivalent to a part-time lecturer,
6) the salary is about 300,000yen/month,
7) the working hour should be less than 20hrs/week (of course you can work
longer as you like)
8) but no travel support from/to abroad.
9) no restriction on nationality.

We want to have persons who will work on one of the following activities
with KENS staffs.
Research activity:
        (1)Studies on material structure and dynamics by means of pulsed
neutron scattering.
                There are several activities in KENS.
                        Amorphous materials, low dimensional magnetism,
high-Tc superconductors,
                        hydrogenous materials.

        (2)Design work of pulsed neutron instrument, Monte Carlo
simulation, data analysis and instrumentation.
                We are working on conceptual design of instruments for
future neutron sources.
                R&D for instrument, neutron detectors, neutron optics.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact M.Arai by 15-Nov-1998,
and send the following information and documents by 16-Nov-1998:
1) curriculum vitae
	(education history, job history, publication list )
2) date when you can start the job. (this should be before 31-March-1999)
3) a short essay (less than one page) on this position; what you want to
do, what is your intention on this post.
4) copy/reprint of main papers ( 3 papers in maximum)
5) a letter of recommendation for you.
6) Mailing address is:
	Prof. Y.Kimura
	Director of Institute of Materials Structure Science,
	High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
	1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, 305-0801, Japan
7) Deadline is 16-Nov-1998

with best regards,              M.Arai

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