Pressure cells for neutron scattering

Jean-Michel Mignot mignot at
Thu Dec 3 16:07:47 CST 1998

Dear colleague,

We are currently considering buying a piston-cylinder cell for neutron
scattering measurements to pressures of the order of 30 kbar. Various
designs have been reported in the literature, going back to the pioneering
work of Bloch, Paureau, and McWhan, and it is likely that some of these
devices are now available commercially.

Before making a decision, we would like to have an overview of existing
Therefore, we would greatly appreciate any information and/or advice that
could help us to make our choice on a sound experimental basis.

Please send your answer directly to my e-mail address: jmignot at
I will summarize for the list.

Jean-Michel MIGNOT

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