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Tue Jan 19 17:22:26 CST 1999

ILL, 19 January 1999

Call for proposals

Our next deadline for proposals is 15 February 1999. The web proposal-form
can be found under: using netscape 3 or 4 or
explorer 4 (from inside the ILL the address is since the form is on the server outside the
firewall). The detailed guidelines for the Web proposal form will appear
when loading WepProp (see online 'Guide'); you may also contact the
scientific coordination office: 
ILL-SCO, 156 Ave. des Martyrs, BP 156, F-38042 Grenoble Cedex 9
phone: +33 476 20 70 82, fax: +33 476 48 39 06, email: sco at,
Please note that there are some changes to the keyword system. Magnetic
films and surfaces are now in college 7 (materials science, surfaces and
spectroscopy) under 7-09 and no longer in college 5b. The keyword system in
5b has been rationalised; please check on the web for details

Instruments available
The following instruments will be available for the forthcoming round:
- powder diffractometers: D1A, D1B*, D2B
- liquids diffractometer: D4
- single-crystal diffractometers: D3, D9, D10, D15*, D19, D23*, DB21, LADI
- small-angle scattering: D11, D22
- reflectometers: ADAM*, D17, EVA*
- small momentum-transfer diffractometer: D16
- diffuse-scattering spectrometer: D7
- three-axis spectrometers: IN1, IN8, IN12*, IN14, IN20, IN22*
- time-of-flight spectrometers: IN4, IN5, IN6
- backscattering and spin-echo spectrometers: IN10, IN11, IN13*, IN15, IN16
- nuclear-physics instruments: PN1, PN3 
- fundamental-physics instruments: PF1, PF2
You will find details of the instruments on the web,
under instrument characteristics. Instruments marked with an asterisk are
CRG instruments, where a smaller amount of beam time is available than on
ILL-funded instruments.

Scheduling period
For the next round there will be 2 cycles (a cycle is 50 days) available
for beam-time allocation from August to December 1999. The scientific
council with its subcommittee meetings will be on 14/15/16 April 1999.

Reactor Cycles
Cycle 117-2	(991)	from   02 Feb. 99 	to    27 Feb. 99
Cycle 118	(992)	from   16 Mar. 99   	to    05 May 99
Cycle 119	(993)	from   25 May 99   	to    14 Jul. 99
Cycle 120	(994)	from   12 Aug 99   	to    01 Oct. 99
Cycle 119	(995)	from   19 Oct. 99   	to    08 Dec. 99

We would be grateful if you would give due recognition to ILL staff and
facilities when they have assisted you in your studies. It is recommended
that co-authorship of papers is fully discussed before the experiment. If
you have carried out an experiment at ILL, but there is no ILL scientist as
co-author, it is expected that you acknowledge the ILL as follows "We
acknowledge the Institut Laue-Langevin, Grenoble, France, in providing the
neutron research facilities."

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