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Mon Feb 22 12:06:37 CST 1999


The deadline for new proposals for instrument time at the NIST Center for
Neutron Research is March 1, 1999.

Continuation proposals will be accepted until April 1, 1999.

These deadlines apply to the following instruments:

30-m SANS (2 instruments)
Reflectometers (2 instruments)
Cold-neutron triple-axis spectrometer (SPINS)
Fermi-chopper time-of-flight spectrometer
Backscattering spectrometer

Proposals for the powder diffractometer, cold-neutron depth profiling, and
prompt-gamma activation analysis stations may be submitted at any time.

Please submit proposals from our Web page proposal form, starting from  Proposals may also be submitted on word
processor forms, which can be retrieved from our Web pages.

William Kamitakahara
User Program Manager
FAX (301)921-9847
wkamitakahara at


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