2 posts available in neutron diffraction at ILL Grenoble

Alan Hewat, ILL Grenoble hewat at ill.fr
Wed Feb 24 08:34:54 CST 1999

Two posts are available in the Diffraction Group at ILL Grenoble, for each of which applicants should have 1-2 years post-doctoral experience. (see http://www.ill.fr/Vacancies/)

1 ) Polarised neutron diffraction (99/02)
This post is for the second instrument responsible on the polarised neutron diffractometer D3 (http://www.ill.fr/YellowBook/D3). The successful candidate will join a dynamic team who are in the forefront of the development of new polarised neutron techniques which are opening up new scientific areas. While some experience with polarised neutrons would be an advantage, candidates must be excellent physicists with strong scientific motivation.

2) Single crystal, powder or liquids diffraction (99/03)
Opportunities are available for a scientist in any of these areas. Candidates should have a strong motivation to promote and develop the use of neutron diffraction in structure determination, especially in areas complementary to current ILL expertise. An interest in instrumentation and a sound practical knowledge of computing are also important.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Dr. A.W. Hewat, tel. (33) 476 20 72 13 (e-mail: hewat at ill.fr) or via the World Wide Web http://www.ill.fr/dif/

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