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Wed Apr 14 10:19:36 CDT 1999


Sixth International Conference on Surface X-ray and Neutron Scattering
(6SXNS), Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, 12 - 17 September 1999
Conference website:

This is to remind you that the deadline for registration and submission
of abstracts to 6SXNS is 1 May 1999. 

Until that date we are sure to be able to accommodate you for the
conference fee of Euro 700, which INCLUDES hotel accommodation.
After May 1 the fee will be Euro 700 without hotel. Moreover, we cannot
assure accommodation after that date.



Please copy the registration form below, complete it and send it
preferably by e-mail to deboerd at , or
otherwise by ordinary mail to the 6SXNS Secretariat, before 1 May

Registration will be validated after payment of the fee, which amounts
to Euro 700, including hotel accommodation and all meals.
An amount of Euro 50 can be deducted from the fee for each full day
or Euro 30 for each night which will not be attended, provided that
it is indicated on the Registration form before 1 May 1999.

Payment can be made by bank transfer to bank account,
ABN AMRO BANK, P.O. Box 949, 3000 DD Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The
payment should be made to Philips Research Eindhoven, Prof. Holstlaan
4, 5656 AA Eindhoven, The Netherlands, referring to SXNS 86521.

If you wish to present a paper, please attach an abstract in A4 size
(preferably by e-mail as Word file, otherwise as ASCII file or by
ordinary mail).






Zip code / city:






I would like to present a paper: oral / poster / no


(Please, include abstract if applicable!)



(Please, indicate below if you will not attend the full conference.)

I will not be present during the following days (Euro 20 per day can
be deducted if indicated before 1 May 1999):


I do not need lodging during the following nights (Euro 30 per night
can be deducted if indicated before 1 May 1999):



Conference fee Euro 700



Amount due


This amount will be paid to the bank account mentioned above.


6SXNS Secretariat:

Philips Research Laboratories WB33
Prof. Holstlaan 4
5656 AA Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 40 2744551
Fax: +31 40 2745002
e-mail: deboerd at

Conference website:

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