ISIS Virtual Reality Tour reaches the parts other tours fail to r each!

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Wed Jun 23 12:07:11 CDT 1999

Check out the exciting new Virtual Reality Tour of ISIS! 

Using the techniques of panoramic photography, you can see how neutrons and
muons are produced and used at ISIS by following the production process from
the pre-injector through to the experimental hall. The panoramic images
allow you to look around the different areas as if you are actually there!

Follow the link from the ISIS Home page 


ISIS, the world's most powerful pulsed neutron and muon source, provides
beams of neutrons and muons that enable the structure and dynamics of
condensed matter to be probed at microscopic scales ranging from the
sub-atomic to the macromolecular. ISIS is a multidisciplinary research
centre attracting over 1500 researchers annually from the physics,
chemistry, earth science, materials science, engineering and biology
communities. ISIS is a CLRC facility located at the Rutherford Appleton
Laboratory, United Kingdom.

Panoramic Imaging Ltd. uses specialised photographic equipment, techniques
and advanced software to produce 360 degree images that can be linked to
produce complete 'environments', allowing the user to 'see' the inside and
outside of a building or location. These images can be used as part of a CD
ROM based multimedia production or integrated with a new or existing website
to transform its impact. Panoramic Imaging Ltd. are based in Weybridge,
United Kingdom.


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